The Intersphere

Christoph Hessler (Gesang), Thomas Zipner (Gitarre), Daniel Weber (Bass), Moritz Müller (Schlagzeug)
A band that has already rocked the masses at Rock am Ring twice (Germany’s biggest open-air festival) only three years after getting together, couldn’t have done too much wrong. The story of The Intersphere reads like a modern day rock fairytale. In 2006, four musicians in their mid-twenties met in a practice room, and what happened on that day surprised them more than anyone else. It was quickly clear to everyone that all four shared the same musical vision, as the melodies and grooves just seemed to flow together by themselves and they experienced those magical moments that only rock music can provide. With their debut album “s.o.b.p.”, The Interesphere had already created a small sensation in the German rock scene. On their follow-up album “interspheres >< atmospheres” they have finally done what other bands have been trying to do their entire musical careers: an album that captures the listeners from the first to the last note and takes them on an acoustic journey of discovery. It’s not just with their music, but also with their lyrics that The Intershpere take you on a ride into foreign realms. You can feel the inner turmoil of someone who feels like he doesn’t really belong to the world around him and observes and describes it from the outside looking in. The album has the markings of a traditional concept album, where one song builds on another and together with the cover artwork forms a unity seen only in a work of art. After five years of intense touring activity, over 350 shows in well-known clubs and festivals all over Europe and two album releases, The Intersphere are now giving the final touch to their third LP "Hold on, Liberty!". The band's distinctive style is more perceptible than ever, merging their own overwhelming energy, the highest aesthetic standards and an approach to songwriting that is both complex and appealing. Over the years, The Intersphere has developed an uncanny ability to combine depth of meaning and formal complexity with catchy melodies and almost hummable songs. They have now themselves set the ultimate challenge for their own perfectionism by recording their latest album live in the Horus Studios in only seven days - no amendments, no proofreading, no aesthetic surgery. All the rough edges are included, together with everything that makes up the charm of a real record. And the result is closer to the band's vision than ever before...


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